Dating english houses

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Shophouses are mostly two or three stories high, with a shop on the ground floor for mercantile activity and a residence above the shop.

Typically, shophouses consist of shops on the ground floor which open up to a public arcade or "five-foot way", and which have residential accommodation upstairs.

They’ve had a troubled history in the last century as families have been forced to sell them off or donate them to the National Trust. That being said there are still many beautiful stately homes left to visit in England – the types of buildings you think of when you imagine England.

From homes that were featured in films and TV shows to houses that played major parts in history – here is our list of the Top 11 best Stately Homes in England.

New Zealanders using have found meeting people online is more convenient and comfortable than through 'normal' offline channels such as bars and parties.

The inhabitants of the British Isles have been drinking ale since the Bronze Age, but it was with the arrival of the Roman Empire on its shores in the 1st Century, and the construction of the Roman road networks that the first inns, called tabernae, in which travellers could obtain refreshment began to appear.

As its name suggests, a shophouse often contains a shop with separate residential spaces.

More generally, space occupied by the former contains a semi-public function. cottage industry or auto workshop) or a community space (e.g. Residential spaces are meant to accommodate one or more families, or serve as a dormitory for single workers.

The owner, tenant or manager (licensee) is known as the pub landlord or publican.

Referred to as their "local" by regulars, pubs are typically chosen for their proximity to home or work, the availability of a particular beer or ale or a good selection, good food, a social atmosphere, the presence of friends and acquaintances, and the availability of recreational activities such as a darts team, a skittles team, and a pool or snooker table.

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