Dating your quilt

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Often times, special quotes or Bible verses are included on the label.

It really is important to think about what someone in the future might want to know about this quilt.

Thanks to modern technology, there are lots of options for making a quilt label.

Depending on who will be receiving the quilt, and what it will be used for, will certainly influence these choices.

Obviously, the name of the quilter, the date and the location the quilt was made are basic details to include.

For those of you who like to buy quilts at on-line auctions I thought I would give a bit of advice.

There are many quilts out there that are reproduction quilts.

Leigh at Heart Cottage Quilts has done a fantastic article about reproduction quilts.

This should be required reading for anyone interested in antique and vintage quilts and She does a great job describing the hallmarks of import quilts and has an extensive picture gallery of many of the most common quilts that are appearing at on-line auctions.

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