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Who were the men and women who built these businesses, and how did they shape the street? "Eat Street at 20" is based on an oral history project by Spotlight Oral History and Whittier Alliance .Gallery: Alexis Arnold, Stephen Gray, and Annie Fridlund sipped their drinks and visited inside a 560 gallon plastic drum meant to represent the size of a dinosaur's stomach in the Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery while attending the adults-only night at the Science Museum.Gallery: Siblings Clay, Luke, and Sara O'Neil discovered the power of mechanical advantage on a gear reducer demonstrator early in the night of the adults-only night at the Science Museum.Historic photos will show the street's evolution, and cooking instruments, from the restaurants themselves, will give viewers an insight to the different styles and techniques of cooking used around the world.You'll get an inside look at the oral history project,,and get a chance to listen to and read the transcripts from interviews with some of the local entrepreneurs who helped to shape Eat Street into the place that we know today.

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