Who is les dennis dating

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The blonde babe is now in a relationship with music producer Chris Hughes, who she married in 2008.

The wedding was attended by around 160 guests including actress Michelle Collins, entertainer Lionel Blair and Loose Women presenters Carol Mc Giffin, Sherrie Hewson and Denise Welch.But Amanda and I both knew the marriage was at an end and divorce was inevitable."Extras changed the public's perception of me hugely – they saw there was more to me than just this bloke off the telly.It's not the first time I've been flirted with by someone prehistoric."To which Simon quipped: "Leave Les [Dennis] alone."Evidently unimpressed with Simon's remarks, Amanda threatened to throw her cup of water over him in a bid to get her own back.There's no doubt Amanda made the threat in all seriousness, as she previously chucked water all over BGMT host Stephen Mulhern after he jokingly compared her to plastic surgery to that New York socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein.

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