How to go from friends to dating on sims social

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As with the original Sims games, The Sims Social lets the user create their own customizable character.In this version, however, the player uses their character to interact with those of their Facebook friends.

Simtown High- once built you need to enrol them the same way you give an adult a job, use the teen study desk to increase a sims grade faster Pros: Can look after themselves without help from adults, have lots of hobbies to choose from and can now plant too!My advice is, if you download it, to read all of the instructions and take note that it may conflict with other mods.It wouldn’t work at the same time as the teen marriage/pregnancy mod for me.A teenage sim has a boyfriend, she has grown up, he’s still a teen.I don’t want their relationship to degrade, what can I do?

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