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The Playmates Toys version of the communciator was originally going to have a lenticular image to show this functionality, but in the end this was replaced with a simple starfleet logo.

You can create a room that will host up to 12 people through webcam video that is protected by passwords and moderators, while sharing your desktop with them, and it all can be recorded and embedded onto your website.

There can also be people chatting in the room without webcam use.

Jobs prefaced his introduction saying (via ars Technica): This bit of Trek injected into the event inspired the UK Times to title their article on the rollout as: "i Phone brings Star Trek to the modern world". However, even though the classic Star Trek hand-held communicator has often been cited as an inspiration for the modern cell-phone, they never had a video function.

This missing bit of mobile Treknology was actually going to get an upgrade in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

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